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Happy Family
Posted: Dec 15, 2014
The short answer is YES!  According to a blog posting from Wealthco Risk Management 1 in 3 Canadians will become disabled by age 65. If you are a small business owner and the main bread winner in your family, are you prepared if you are injured and not able to work? Do you have enough in savings to cover your mortgage and other monthly living expenses for 6 months?
Posted: Nov 27, 2014
We all know family or friends that need to prick their fingers on a daily basis in order to get a glucose reading, or they jab a needle into their abdomen to release a life saving dose of insulin. Diabetes has become as prevalent as other forms of illnesses like cancer and heart disease. 
Travel Insurance
Posted: May 29, 2014
In our line of business we see and hear it all when it comes to Travel Insurance. The good policies and the ones that people should be slapped for selling it to people.
Kid smiling with chalk board
Posted: Aug 28, 2013
During the summer months check-ups, doctor and dental visits for your kids may not be the first thing on your mind while you’re whipping down the waterslides with them. Most children don’t know if something isn’t wrong because it is all they know.  They won’t be coming to you letting you know that they can’t see the whiteboard clearly or can’t hear the teacher very well.
Back to School Shopping Cart
Posted: Aug 27, 2013
With the kiddies running back into the classroom in the week or two “Back to School” shopping is in full swing in many households and the Staples and Walmarts are packed with excited children and even more excited moms! Although the new supplies, cloths and backpacks may be fun and exciting but they are also expensive! We have a few tricks and tips to help survive the busy buying season! 
Silhouettes holding small business words
Posted: Aug 13, 2013
In 2011, Stats Canada documented small business activity in Canada. There were some surprising results! Where do you and your small business fit in? We would love to hear from you via twitter or facebook and hear how you feel about these results! 1. How many Canadians work for small businesses?5,137,147 (48.3 per cent of Canada's total workforce)