Canadian Health Benefits – Occupational Health And Safety Careers for Women

We have seen many clients that need health care beyond a doctor’s office. There are some critical components within our healthcare system that have previously been dominated by men, but are now discovering the benefit of having women enter the workplace.

According to an article we found on, Occupational Health and Safety programs have seen quite a jump in female enrollment for many programs. There are many Occupational Health and Safety roles that present opportunities for women, which might otherwise go unnoticed. Many roles require soft skills such as the ability to communicate effectively, and be able to get along with people easily. These are strengths that come naturally to many women, which would explain why we see so many female nurses in the healthcare industry.

Below is an excerpt demonstrating the growth the program has experienced over the past few years:
“The program, which began in 2004, has experienced tremendous growth. The applied certificate - 13 weeks on-campus, which can be taken at Kelsey Campus or through distance education online - began with 12 students. Those numbers grew, she said, and SIAST introduced a certificate program in 2010, which is offered by distance and it takes around 1.5 to three years to complete. Between the two credentials, there are now 257 students enrolled in 2012.”

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