Do Canadian’s Have an Unhealthy Obsession with Big Health Care Spending?

If you ask a Canadian for one thing that they are proud of about their country, the majority will tell you it’s our public health care system, and why wouldn’t they be proud? A system that allows so many of its citizens to have access to health care that would otherwise be virtually unaffordable. By paying for our health care system collectively, instead of individually, it permits individuals who would not be able to afford certain health services to have the same access as those with higher incomes. But is our universal health care system really as affordable as we think it is, or are we simply putting more and more money into a system that can’t be fixed?

An Op-Ed article in the Calgary Sun suggests that Canadians have merely been shoveling money into an ailing health care system that can be described as “overburdened, unreliable, wasteful, and rushed.” The article also states that “the amount spent on health care by Canada’s governments is equivalent to about two-thirds of all personal income taxes” and that Canada has the fifth most expensive universal access health insurance system in the world.

To read the full article in the Calgary Sun, click here.

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