Food Banks in Need of Diet Specific Foods for Celiac and Diabetes

Food BankFood allergies and diseases have become more and more significant in the past few years. Doctors are realizing that many patients that are complaining of constant stomach pain and discomfort are more likely to have an allergy or eating disease. For these people they are unable to digest certain foods and make it very difficult to adapt and change their diet so they can have a more comfortable lifestyle.

Food Banks are starting to find this problem hard to cope with. There have always been people with these eating restrictions but now people are becoming more aware of them specialty foods to give to these people is higher demand than ever. Non perishables such as quinoa and brown rice pasta are not donated as often as white rice or regular pasta such. This makes it very difficult for the food bank to meet the needs of these people. Knowing that it isn’t good for them, these people eat what is handed out to them. Their choice is between eating the food that makes them ill or not to eat at all.

Celiac disease is a condition where wheat, barley, rye and other grains are not digested properly. This makes finding suitable substitutes quite difficult. A diet consisting of mainly meat, nuts, rice and vegetables is what is most desirable for people with this disease. There are some alternative breads and pastas that are gluten free but cost more than the traditional breads and pastas. For low income families this is a difficult thing to accommodate and with the food banks low on these alternatives celiac victims are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

People with diabetes are in a similar situation. Foods that have high glucose content are readily available and donated quite frequently. While things like whole wheat pasta, rolled oats and wild rice are not donated as often, these unfortunate people struggle with their blood glucose levels and there is very little they can do.One of the biggest suggestions for diabetics is to never skip breakfast. If these people don’t have a healthy, balanced breakfast to start their day it becomes a continued struggle to keep their glucose levels at a place that is healthy for them.

Your local Food Banks are always looking for these foods. Here is a list of nonperishable foods that you can drop off and donate that will be very beneficial to people with Celiac and Diabetes.


Gluten Free Pancake Mix, Chex Cereal, Gluten Free Pasta, Quinoa, Rice, also check out some of your Campbell’s soups for the gluten free logo.


Brown or Wild rice, Raisin Bran and other high fiber cereal


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