Health Care 101 – Finding a family doctor

For many employees, health benefits are a perk of the job. Unfortunately, many small businesses are unable to afford expensive health premiums, and thereby cannot offer their employees extensive health benefits. Regardless if you have benefits and access to health care, a family doctor is still essential for your personal health care and overall well-being.

Many Canadians are having trouble finding a family doctor. Whether they are new citizens looking for care, or had a doctor that retired, there are stipulations that prevent many Canadians finding the basic health care they need. The problem is often twofold, where doctors are not only in short supply, but also have a specific area of focus, which results in the creation of barriers that prevent the the average citizen from finding a doctor. Here are two strategies that may help you find a family doctor for your overall health care needs:

1. Family physicians graduate in July and this is a great opportunity to locate a new doctor. You can find them through a university’s department of family medicine, or a website that lists doctors accepting new patients.
2. Contact a teaching hospital that offers family-medicine practices. You will receive your care from a resident who is supervised by an experienced physician.

Once you have found a doctor that suits your health care needs, be sure to take a list of medications, allergies, past operations and your hospital history along to your first visit. This is helpful for the doctor, and will ensure that you get off to a good start!