The High Cost of Healthy Teeth

Many employees have dental insurance that they pay for out of a monthly premium. What many employees don’t know are the details of the plan and what procedures are covered. Most typical dental insurance plans charge a monthly premium that is deducted from your paycheck, but the extent of your coverage can be quite elusive, even to the most diligent of us.

Understanding the details involved in the high cost of a dental insurance plan can be tricky. If you have healthy teeth and need only routine maintenance, monthly insurance premiums might seem excessive. For other employees that have kids, orthodontic and precautionary procedures can add up quickly, and the cost can exceed the premiums that they currently pay. What many small business owners don’t realize is flexible dental benefits is one of the advantages of a private health services plan.

A private health services plan (PHSP) allows you to provide flexible health and dental benefits to your employees, which allows them to decide where their benefit dollars go. If an employee has children that need expensive orthodontic work, they can use their benefit dollars to cover the cost of orthodontics. A different employee might choose to spend their dollars on chiropractic care for themselves instead. Both health benefits are covered and employees are empowered to make their own health care decisions.