Make Sure Your Child’s Health is an A+ When They Head Back to School?

Kid Writing on ChalkboardDuring the summer months check-ups, doctor and dental visits for your kids may not be the first thing on your mind while you’re whipping down the waterslides with them. Most children don’t know if something isn’t wrong because it is all they know.  They won’t be coming to you letting you know that they can’t see the whiteboard clearly or can’t hear the teacher very well. So make sure you get these check-ups done this year!





Be sure to visit the dentist regularly. Having a well thought out strategic dental plan is important in making sure that your child’s oral health is properly taken care of! Getting the proper X-rays done and understanding what may be coming in the future is key. With the possibility of needing braces, Periodontics, wisdom teeth removed it is better to know what may need to be done and have a plan then let it surprise you in the future!


One of the most popular troubles in the classroom for students is having trouble seeing the board clearly! Again, they don’t really know that something is wrong until they are asked. Take your child into an eye doctor just to make sure that everything is alright and see if glasses are an option that they would benefit from. It is also important that you find out whether your child has a stigmatism or any other concerns that may need to be looked at closer.


Many teachers along with parents get annoyed and believe that there is a behavioral issue with a child when they don’t respond when asked a question repeatedly. This may not be because they are ignoring you or have something else on their mind. They simply may not be able to hear you! Some children have a buildup of fluid behind the eardrum. This can cause hearing loss and sometimes hinder speech development. A simple surgical procedure can assist in reviving hearing by placing small tubes into the child’s eardrum to relieve the pressure and fluid enhancing their hearing.


We understand that the health and wellness of your family is your top priority. These are a few things to make sure that your kids are Honor Roll healthy before they hit the books! Hope you have a great start to the school year and everyone learns lots!!!