Smoking Linked to Loss of Eyesight

As if there weren’t enough compelling reasons for you to quit (or just not start) smoking, such as being a leading cause of cancer, heart disease, and stroke, a new study has been released with yet another health risk related to the toxic habit. New information has been released stating that smoking is also likely to have toxic effects on the retina, which can lead to serious and often permanent vision damage.

An article in the Calgary Herald states that because of these new findings, “new regulations for tobacco products labelling in Canada mean that, as of June 19, retailers can only leally sell cigarettes that display new health warnings, including the fact that smoking increases your risk of blindness.” The warning will point out the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is the leading cause of vision loss in Canadians over the age of 50. The article goes on to state that the new warning is backed by numerous studies from around the globe that have shown that smokers have an increased risk of developing AMD and other eye diseases.

To read the full article posted online on the Calgary Herald, click here.