Why the Obamacare Ruling Affects Canadians Too

As a Canadian, you may not always be up-to-date on the healthcare reforms going on in the States. However, the recent mission spearheaded by Obama to legalize universal healthcare in the U.S. does have an affect on what the future holds for Canadian healthcare plans.

A recent article from The Globe and Mail discussed the recent U.S. Supreme Court proceedings regarding universal healthcare insurance and its constitutionality in the United States. No matter the outcome of these trials, they are basically a cautionary case study for the Canadian government about how federalism can be used as a weapon against a federal commitment to healthcare. The Canada Health Act is Canada’s federal commitment to Canadian healthcare, but without this federal leadership, Canada could be left without a healthcare system at all.

Provinces across Canada are already in disagreement about what the federal government’s role in Canadian healthcare plans should be. In 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that unless Quebec made timely access to public healthcare available for citizens, the province’s ban on private healthcare violates their own Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. Unless some agreements are made, Canadians might look at the U.S. healthcare trials as a glimpse into their own future. To read the Globe and Mail article, click here.