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Posted: May 25, 2012
Studies are constantly being conducted to determine the various causes of cancer, and what can be done to prevent this disease from affecting more lives. A breakthrough study in women’s cancer has created a link between starch intake levels and breast cancer recurrence in women.
Posted: May 22, 2012
While you can prepare and save for many things such as vacations, vehicles or new homes, it’s not common to save in case of a health emergency. Hypothetically, if you or someone in your family was to have a heart attack or was to be diagnosed with a serious illness, would you have the money to pay for treatments and care? What about if time has to be taken off work? This is a very difficult time for many people, as money is hard to come by and taking care of the illness becomes the top priority.
Posted: May 16, 2012
Many Canadians struggle with the high cost of prescriptions on a daily basis.  There are many that choose to skip or cut back on doses, not take drugs as directed, or fail to refill prescriptions.  According to a recent article we read in The Globe and Mail, the lack of affordability is one of the main reasons that people fail to take medication.  We know that manycompanies do not provide health benefits due to the cost of high premiums. That is why CustomCare is so passionate in getting the word out there to business owners that there is a better way.
Posted: May 14, 2012
As providers of health insurance plans for Canadians, it’s important to us that we are able to provide customized plans to meet healthcare needs.  We recently read a great article on Huffington Post about a National Mental Health Strategy that outlines steps the government can take to improve the current healthcare system that support patients with mental health needs.
Posted: May 10, 2012
We have seen many clients that need health care beyond a doctor’s office. There are some critical components within our healthcare system that have previously been dominated by men, but are now discovering the benefit of having women enter the workplace.
Posted: May 9, 2012
Canadians and Americans have very different outlooks on healthcare, and how it affects their daily lives. Canadians have access to essential medical care that is paid for by the government. Americans are not able to get the basic health care they need unless they have health insurance to cover the expense, or can pay for it themselves. The structure of each healthcare system is vastly different, but many of the challenges they are facing are surprisingly similar. At April’s 2012 TEDMED conference played host to The Great Challenges Program.