Clients vs. Brokers – CustomCare Employees Bet: Who Can Refer More Clients

CustomCare’s VP of Sales bets against General Manager to determine who is the better referral source.

Calgary, Alberta (March 14, 2012) – CustomCare’s Vice President of Sales Perry Diebert announced today that Tammi Byers, General Manager, challenged him to a client referral bet. Over the next three months, the duo will work to convince brokers and clients alike to step up their game, attempting to be the best source of referrals for CustomCare, a Health Care Plan provider for Canadian businesses.

The bet was ignited by a comment made by Tammi at an annual sales meeting, “Our clients are our biggest referral source”. Perry countered her comment by saying “The brokers refer more clients than anyone”. “From there, it became an instant competition,” commented Byers. “We are both proud, so neither are willing to back down. A little healthy competition will go a long way in both generating clients and also proving me right on this one. It is officially Tammi versus Perry”.

“Even though I hate to lose, and Perry has already started to play dirty, I know that ultimately our clients will come out ahead”, Byers further commented. Both Byers and Diebert have sent out friendly emails to their teams to help gain momentum for their side of the debate. The CustomCare office has also set up a pool on who will win this highly heated debate.
The "Tammi versus Perry" bet begins February 22 and will run until the end of May. “I’ll make Perry eat his words. I have this one in the bag,” concluded Byers.